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GiantMouse Clyde Micarta

Danish design, American Spirit!  

The GiantMouse Story  

The idea of GiantMouse was formed over drinks one evening during a US knife show in 2015. Danish designer / knifemakers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes (Vox), along with their American entrepreneur friend Jim Wirth, decided that they could build a better mousetrap, so to speak. A knife brand that can provide amazing knife designs, with the highest possible production quality, at a fair price, while remaining closely involved with its community of customers.

    The Clyde Micarta

    Micarta is a blend of laminated fabric and epoxy; a classic knife material. It feels natural in hand, is super light weight, and develops a winning patina over time as the fabric absorbs your life experience. If I had to choose only one handle material, Micarta would be it, hands down. 

    I've been carrying a Green Micarta Clyde for the better part of a year and this knife just works for me. You guys have been loving the Prometheus Edition Clyde, so I asked the GM gang if I could bring you guys my personal favorites ;) 

    I'm not a huge knife nerd but I have an objectively horrible Camillus Cuda that I bought in college for $40 1999 dollars. It was the first "real" knife I bought with my own money. I also have some custom knives that are over $600 (each) ...which gives me plenty of perspective. 

    What I like about Clyde

    1. Bronze Washers: Not a knife snob's first choice, but it's mine. Bronze bushings provide a higher opening force than bearings, but the Clyde's action is crisp and the geometry is spot on. Frankly, I don't like knives that close themselves. I guess I like to be in charge.
    2. Simple: Simple means reliable and durable, my two favorite words. Simple also means it's exceedingly well though out. You can't make something that's both simple and great without doing it right. 
    3. Funky: I'll admit, I like things that are not exactly like everything else and Clyde is one of those guys. The sharp angles of the handle juxtaposed against the sweeping blade is dramatic...but it works. Successfully using contrast as a design element is much harder than consistency. 
    4. Sufficiently easy to sharpen: I have a huge pet peeve about knives with blade shapes that are hard to sharpen. I don't buy a tool unless I'm going to use it, and sharpening a knife is beyond essential. 
    5. The perfect size for EDC: With a blade coming in right at 3" it's enough knife to do most jobs and won't have people staring at you sideways if you need to use it in public.
    6. That wire clip: I'm a sucker for good engineering and the clip is, in a word, genius. My capacity for praise tops out at genius so that's all I've got. 
      Blade Steel Elmax Stonewash
      Handle Micarta
      Liner AISI 420SUS Hardened
      Pivot Bronze Washers
      Locking Mechanism Liner Lock
      Blade Length 3"
      Overall Length 6.97"
      Weight 2.5oZ
      Where it's Made
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