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The right tool for the job...

be sure you have the right one

Ullman has been manufacturing small hand tools in Ridgefield, CT for over 76 years. You don't survive in a market that obscure without being good at what you do. I'm sure you can cheap out and find something on the internet for about 99 cents that will do the same job...but the handle will be too small, the tip will bend, or the pick will just fall out of the handle. Ask me how I know.

I'm often tempted to use the wrong tool, either because I don't own it, or because I'm too lazy to walk across the shop to get it. I can help you with the former but you are going to have to work latter problem by yourself.

O-Ring Removal: 

Changing o-rings (and not scratching or dropping your light) is a breeze with this little gem. Once you have it I'm sure you'll find all kinds of other (sometimes inappropriate) uses for the o-ring tool as well.

This is the same o-ring tool I use in my shop and I'm not going to sell you anything less than the best, but you probably already know that by now.

Driver Removal: 

Some owners will find occasion to remove the Alpha driver, most will not.

The driver is held in place by a custom wave spring. Insert the point of the pick into the "removal notch" and lever the ring out of its seat. It is possible to damage the driver or the lip of the flashlight head if you use too much force, so please be careful. This kind of damage is not covered under warranty. If you break the driver you can install a new one, but if you bend the actual's toast.

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