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2 Channel USB Charger (NiMH ONLY)

This charger is designed specifically for NiMh batteries and features two independent charging channels so you don't have to charge in pairs, like most NiMh chargers. It's also powered by a USB cable so you can charge virtually anywhere.
2 Channel USB Charger (NiMH ONLY)
2 Channel USB Charger (NiMH ONLY) 2 Channel USB Charger (NiMH ONLY) 2 Channel USB Charger (NiMH ONLY)
Product Overview

Optimized dual-channel charging for AA & AAA NiMh batteries We all want our rechargeable batteries to have a longer lifespan. One of the key aspects to preserving battery life is using a slower charge rate. This also means you can pack more energy into the battery than if you are fast charging. Because this charger is specifically desined for AA & AAA NiMh batteries, it has a modest charge rate to keep your batteries fully charged and deliver maximum service life. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED - NiMH Batteries ONLY !!!

Product Details

I couldn't find a compact USB NiMH charger that I liked, so we partnered with the well known Tenergy Corporation to create one. Unlike most NiMH chargers, ours features two independent charging channels so you aren't forced to charge in pairs. It's also fully optimized to get the most out of your NiMH batteries.

The USB interface delivers convenience: charge from a wall adapter, laptop, external battery, or pretty much anything that provides power through a USB port. While this charger was intended to be the perfect companion for the Quark QK2A, it also works great for Betas and Preons, at home or on the go.

WARNING: Do not use non-rechargeable batteries with the charger. Attempting to recharge non-rechargeable batteries can cause dangerous heat buildup and damage the battery, which may result in personal injury or damage to nearby devices.

Never charge batteries when the cell is cold! You can discharge cold batteries, but charging a cold battery can create an internal short circuit causing catastrophic damage and a possible fire. This effect is immediate, dramatic, and irreversible.

2 charging channels
Unlike many NiMh chargers, our USB charger features two independent charging channels. This means you can charge one battery at a time instead of being forced to charge two batteries.
Optimized for NiMh
This is not a fast charger because it's optimized to fill your NiMH batteries to maximum capacity and extend cell cycle life. Fast charging is okay, but it does lead to a less complete charge and degrades maximum capacity over time.
included with your purchase
* 2 Channel USB Charger
* USB to Micro USB Charging Cable

Two blue leds indicate charge status for each slot:

  • Blinking: charging
  • Steady: charge complete
  • Rapid Blinking: bad battery or wrong type
  • input
    DC 5V, 1000mA
  • Output per Channel
    AA = 300mA / AAA = 120mA
  • Charging Channels
    2 (independent)
  • Cable
    USB-A to Micro USB
  • charge termination voltage
    1.45V +/- 0.1V (NiMh)
  • where it's made
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