360° Headlamp Kit


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A headlamp...without the limitations of a headlamp

Put light wherever you want it, whenever you want it!

All lights are sold separately and are NOT included in this kit.

Included in the kit: 

  1. 360 Headlamp
  2. Elastic Head Band
  3. 2x Adhesive Backed Loop Patches

The 360° Headlamp Kit features two-way articulation to point light in any direction you want! The Kit includes a head strap, headlamp cradle, and two adhesive back loop patches. More patches available separately.

  • Single-hand on/off operation.
  • Wear the headlamp on your forehead, or to the side above the ears.
  • Dual Wield: you can even put two headlamps on one strap!
  • 1" webbing loops can attach to MOLE or backpack straps. 
  • Works with Mini/Turbo MKIII flashlights with pocket clip removed. 
  • The light locks into position and is held securely in place with the integrated neodymium magnet.
  • Genuine Velcro® "low profile" hook and loop generic stuff. 
  • The headlamp has a hook patch on the back and comes with two round (adhesive back) loop patches that you can stick anywhere you want. I regularly use one on my welding hood!  

Coming Soon: Headlamp Compatible Patch Hats!

Headlamp compatible "patch hats" are also coming in 2019. They are customized FlexFit trucker hats with a 2"x3" low-profile loop sewn to the front and a 1"x1" patch on the back for Ranger Eyes.

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