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Alpha Pen Parker Adapter

This adapter kit allows you to use a "Parker Compatible" refill with your Alpha Executive Pen. It also includes 3x Schmidt Easyflow9000 refills in your choice of Blue or Black.

{"name":"Refill Color","position":1,"values":["Blue","Black"]}

Refill Color

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    Alpha Pen Parker Adapter
    Alpha Pen Parker Adapter Alpha Pen Parker Adapter Alpha Pen Parker Adapter Alpha Pen Parker Adapter
    Product Overview

    You've been asking for years and a refill adapter is finally here! The adapter is 3D printed in-house on our Formlabs Form3 resin printer. The stainless adjusting screw has a thread locking "patch" to keep in place once you find the correct length for your refill. The stick-out on the nib is set by adjusting the screw with a phillips screwdriver. I also spent a lot of time sourcing the best springs and these are manfuactured specifically for Parker compatible refills.

    The adapter is designed specifically for the Schmidt Easyflow9000. It should fit other refills, but it may not.

    Product Details

    The Alpha Executive is designed specifically for Montblanc Fineliner or Rollerball threaded cartridges, but I'm also someone who believes in customizing your gear...so I caved :) While I think the Fineliner delivers the best writing experience, it's not always the most practical choice.

    I've actually had a prototype for a couple years, but our machining schedule is so full it's hard to find time to add in new products. I bought a couple of 3D printers this year...because I've been nerding out...and I also wanted to leverage this amazing technology and start making finished products with it.

    It also allows me to make parts on demand, without committing a lot of money to tooling, materials, and stocking inventory. I can print 1 or I can print 100. The only difference is in the amount of material used. This is "just in time" manufacturing 21st century style.

    There's not much to it. Simply adjust the screw to get the exact amount of stick-out that you prefer on your refill. A thread-locking "patch" will prevent the screw from rotating when you assemble/dissasemble the pen. Just use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the length.

    If you notice a "ticking" sound as you write, it's caused by the refill hitting the opposite side of the hole where the nib exits. It's not possible to make that fit perfectly tight, and the refill tends to angle to one side of the hole. All you need to do is rotate the pen in your hand.

    • Adapter Material
      Formlabs White Resin
    • Screw
      6-32 stainless steel with thread locking patch
    • Refill
      Schmidt Easyflow9000
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