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Battery Marker Stickers (10 pcs)

Custom printed Prometheus logo stickers (1/2") are used to mark devices when you install rechargeable batteries.
Battery Marker Stickers (10 pcs)
Battery Marker Stickers (10 pcs) Battery Marker Stickers (10 pcs)
Product Overview

Take the pain out of making the switch: One of the biggest hassles of switching your household to NiMh rechargeable batteries is...knowing what device has what kind of battery. Just put a marker sticker on a device when you put in rechargeables, and you can tell at a glance without needing to open up your device.

Product Details

Each strip contains 10 stickers

I found one of the most frustrating parts of switching to rechargeable batteries is not knowing which device already has them. It's also helpful if you need batteries for a new device and have to scrounge them from another because you didn't buy enough spares :)

The marker sticker allows you to tell at a glance whether you have rechargeable or disposable batteries inside and saves the time and aggravation of opening multiple devices to find what you are looking for.

In my experience, you have way more battery consuming devices in your house that you know. My general rule of thumb: buy twice as many as you think you'll need. You'll still be back in a few months, but save yourself some trouble up front!

Made from durable "outdoor" grade vinyl.

  • sticker size
    1/2" diameter
  • Quantity
    each strip contains 10 stickers
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