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Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip

The best keychain flashlight just got better! The Beta Pocket Clip is compatible with all Beta QRv2 flashlights that use our coil spring quick release. They are NOT compatible with first generation Betas with a "plunger" quick release.

This clip also fits all our Alpha Executive Pens

{"name":"Cap Material","position":1,"values":["Brass Cap w\/ Clip","6\/4 Ti Cap w\/ Clip"]}

Cap Material

    Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip
    Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip Beta QRv2/3 Pocket Clip
    Product Overview

    We use ASTM Certified Domestic 6Al/4V titanium, which is 50% more expensive than consumer grade titanium, to insure maximum quality and consistency. Many marketing wonks throw around "aerospace grade" like it's going out of style. Aerospace grade means the material is qualified for use in aircraft applications, and it's not aerospace grade unless it's Certified. Certified means the material conforms to stricter material standards and is NIST traceable: the product has complete quality documentation all the way back to where it was mined from the earth.

    Product Details

    People are different. Some want a keychian light and some what a pocket light. Who am I to dictate? Instead I'll let you decide. You can even change your mind.

    One of the main reasons I wanted to switch over to the Beta QRv2 was so I could do THIS! Ta da! A pocket clip. Boom goes the dynamite. This pocket clip is compatible with all Beta QRv2 flashlights. The pocket clip is intentionally difficult to remove. Some people are critical of this, but if you want the clip to stay put and not fly off when you least expect it...it has to be designed to stay put. Please see the notes under "operation" for my suggestions on how to easily remove your clip...if or when you want it removed.

    I'm not sure there is a lot to talk about. That's a new one for me. Did I mention boom goes the dynamite? The clip holds securely but it does rotate. This is going to upset some people, but that's just the way it's got to be. I mean, come on, I made it pocket clip compatible...let's get excited about that part!

    included with your Beta Pocket Clip
    • Certified 6/4 Titanium pocket clip
    • Brass Cap

    The only "trick" is actually getting the pocket clip back off once the cap is snapped in place.

    The best way is to loop some cord around the clip and pull it off. Use finesse, not brute force. If you damage the clip it's not my fault.

    1. Grab the light and put one thumb on the clip like you are going to push it backwards off of the light...because that is what you are doing.
    2. Loop the cord around and pull on the cord at the same time you are pushing with your thumb.
    3. The clip (and cap) should pop right off. Now turn on your light and look under the couch for the brass cap.
    4. The key is that the cap must be pulled "straight" out of the light. If you only push with your thumb or only pull with the cord, you'll be pulling the brass cap to one side (not straight out) and the brass cap will say, "no thanks, I'm staying right here."
    5. Of course I recommend (shameless self promotion) using one of my zipper pulls for this honorable duty, but you can use just about anything...if you must.
    • Ring OD
    • Ring ID
    • Cap Material
      C360 Brass
    • Clip Material
      Aerospace Certified 6Al/4V Titanium
    • Combined Weight
      0.2 Oz
    • Where it's Made
    compatible with all Beta QRv2 Flashlights
    The Beta QRv2 is part of our "QR Compatible" ecosystem. We offer a variety of accessories that take advantage of the QR like our pocket clips, Kappa QR Keychains, and the Beta Flex Arm; a flexible magnetic mount that lets you and your Beta go hands-free.
    compatible with all Beta QRv2 Flashlights
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