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BRNLY BIG BOY Hex Bit Driver

From our friends at Scout Leather Co. and machined by us: the Scout Hex Bit Driver (BRNLY Edition)
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BRNLY BIG BOY Hex Bit Driver
BRNLY BIG BOY Hex Bit Driver BRNLY BIG BOY Hex Bit Driver
Product Overview

Designed for Burnley Knives and based on our popular Hex Bit Driver, the BRNLY Big Boy Driver features a longer length with a full knurled grip for more torque and an indication mark at the tip for detail work. It is fitted with a sealed bronze cage bearing to provide a quick takedown and assembly on whatever you're working on. The bigger size fits in the Hex Bit Driver Base and Tool Roll.

Machined from solid Brass and broached with a magnet to fit 1/4" hex bits. Measures 3.75" L x 0.866" D. The Driver will darken and patina with use.

Available with a 12 Wiha Hardened Tool Steel Bit set: T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, PH#0, PH#1, PH#2, SL4.5, SL5.5, SL6.0.

Available now. Please allow up to 1 week for shipment if ordered with other Soft Leather Hard Goods.

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