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Replacement springs for Beta QRv2 lights and Kappa QR keychains

The price shown is for ONE spring! 

These proprietary (made just for me) canted coil springs make the magic happen. It's very rare, but sometimes a spring can become damaged. Damage sufficient to negatively impact the springs function is normally severe/obvious. The spring can actually tolerate quite a bit of damage before the function is compromised. Fortunately replacing them is fairly easy. Are you tough enough to do it yourself? 

Installation Notes: The spring can be removed with a pair of tweezers, this may do permanent damage to the spring...but you are replacing it anyway. Just don't expect to remove a "good" spring without damage. 

Each spring has a tiny weld (shiny spot - see photo). The spring MUST be installed with the weld facing "out" of the hole in the flashlight (or keychain) body. The spring will not function properly and the QR may become very difficult to remove if the spring is installed backwards. See, you were warned ;) 

Just insert one edge of the spring into the hole. It will normally drop past the groove. Use a pick (even a toothpick) to raise the bottom edge of the spring up into the groove. Once that is seated you can push the rest of the spring down and it should snap into place. 

What's up with the price? You read the part about these springs being custom made right? Typically our vendor makes these springs for everything from medical devices to missiles.The spring is the most expensive component in the Beta QRv2 (or Kappa) and well, awesome has a price. 

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