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Carclo Triple Optics

Spare optics for your Delta or Alpha Triple flashlight. Tune your beam profile to your liking!

{"name":"ANGLE","position":1,"values":["NARROW (26*)","MEDIUM (33*)","WIDE (46*)"]}


    Carclo Triple Optics
    Carclo Triple Optics Set Carclo Triple Optics
    Product Overview

    These are 20mm Carclo optics that work with a range on Nichia 219/319 and and other 3535 footprint LEDs.

    Please note: in order to fit the optic in a Delta light you may need to use a sharp kinfe and trim off the small "runner" that is an artifact of the injection molding process (see photo #2). It is only important that this runner not stick out beyond the outside diameter of the optic. This is to prevent it from getting jammed inside the pill.


    1. Narrow: 26 Degree beam angle
    2. Medium: 33 Degree beam angle
    3. Wide: 46 Degree beam angle

    It's easy to replace the optic in your Delta if you want to try out different beam patterns. Most people choose the spot optic for longer range. I personally use the wide optic to give me broad and even illumination for indoor and outdoor use at close range. Flashlight nerds sometimes refer to this as a "wall of light." If you can't choose...medium is a good option ;)

    Product Details
    • material
      Injection molded optical grade PMMA
    • diameter
    • beam angles
      Narrow: 26 degrees
      Medium: 33 degrees
      Wide: 46 degrees
    • where it's made
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