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Surefire Titan Ti Pocket Clip

make your titan work like it should...We are known for making the best pocket clips in the industry. When the Surefire Titan arrived, the flood of emails asking for a better clip quickly followed, and we delivered.

This item is the "Pocket Clip Only," it does not include a flashlight

Surefire Titan Ti Pocket Clip
Surefire Titan Ti Pocket Clip
Product Overview

We use ASTM Certified Domestic 6Al/4V titanium, which is 50% more expensive than consumer grade titanium, to insure maximum quality and consistency. Many marketing wonks throw around "aerospace grade" like it's going out of style. Aerospace grade means the material is qualified for use in aircraft applications, and it's not aerospace grade unless it's Certified. Certified means the material conforms to stricter material standards and is NIST traceable: the product has complete quality documentation all the way back to where it was mined from the earth.

This clip fits the Surefire Titan flashlight. It's a little bit longer than the stock clip and MUCH thicker and stronger than the stock clip. Clean and unassuming lines compliment the original design of the Titan.

Product Details


Check out the video at the top of the page for general guidance on adjusting pocket clip tension

  1. Remove the clip and install it in reverse, with the clip sticking out into the air
  2. Make sure the clip is clamped tightly between the tailcap and the body, like a vise.
  3. Grip the free end of the clip, near the bend, and gently bend the clip further.
  4. Put some masking tape around the body so you don't scratch it
  5. Remove the clip and install in the normal direction and you are all set

IMPORTANT (Installing your clip)

  1. First, the tailcap o-ring must be removed to install the clip. Replace the o-ring after installation.
  2. Second, the clip may scratch the surface finish if it's allowed to rotate during installation.
  3. If you scratch your light during installation you didn't read the bold-red heading.
  • Clip Material
    Aerospace Certified 6Al/4V Titanium
  • where it's made
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