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DJI Osmo Flex Arm

The ultimate DJI Osmo Microphone Mount: put that microphone exactly where you want it! This is another one of those "I tried everything on the market (they sucked) so I made my own" scenarios. If you own an Osmo, you basically NEED one of these if you don't want to be frustrated anymore.
DJI Osmo Flex Arm
DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm DJI Osmo Flex Arm
Product Overview

The trick is, you need the microphone on the right side, but the 1/4-20 mount is on the left side. If you mount the mic to the left you get a ton of cable stretch that stresses the gimbal motors, depletes your battery, and gets in the way. You can also mount small lights (that aren't too heavy) to the cold shoe.

The shoe is machined from a solid block of Delrin thermoplastic. The arm is an industrial product from Loc-Line. It's commonly used in machine tools and other industrial applications. The material is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals. It's quite expensive but it will take whatever you can throw at it.

Product Details

The DJI Osmo Flex Arm is the perfect way to mount your accessory microphone! I searched for days trying to find a microphone mount that actually let me position the mic where ever I wanted it and came up dry. I found a lot of Youtube videos about how to hack something together; no good. I tried a bunch of aftermarket mounts and none of them worked well. So, out of frustration, I decided to make my own!

Delrin Cold Shoe:
Machined in-house. Super strong and light weight. The cold shoe can be rotated 360 degrees independently of the Flex Arm, so you can quickly rotate the mic for selfie mode.
Standard 1/4-20 screw mount:
Attaches easily, just screw the arm in by hand. Compatible with any 1/4-20 screw mount.
Light Weight:
At only 1.4 Oz you won't even notice the additional weight.
Positionable! :
The biggest benefit is the arm is almost infinitely positionable so you can place your mic exactly where you want it.
You can position the mic so there is no drag from the cable. Your rig will be still be balanced even when the Osmo is turned off!
Loc Line:
Segments can be separated and reattached to make the Osmo Flex Arm as long (or short) as you need.
  • weight
  • Where it's made
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