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You asked, I delivered: The Peak Eiger Clip 

IMPORTANT (Installing your clip)

First, the o-ring must be removed to install the clip. Replace the o-ring after installation.

Second, the clip will scratch the anodize finish if it's allowed to rotate during installation.

If you scratch your light during installation you didn't read this bright red text.

ATTENTION (will the clip fit your Eiger?)

I've recently been made aware of a fitment issue with come Eiger lights. The "new" QTC switch has a shorter plunger that will prevent the light from reaching 100% power when the clip is installed. You can still get full power by rotating the head (based on my experience).

To see some comparison photos of the different plungers (and purchse them) please follow this link to OVEREADY. I have no commercial affiliation with them :)

Material: We use ASTM Certified Domestic 6Al/4V titanium, which is 50% more expensive than consumer grade titanium, to insure maximum quality and consistency.

Okay, with that out of the way let's talk about how awesome this clip is for the Eiger! I don't know if it will fit any other Peak lights but thanks for asking. As other users give me feedback, I'll add a fitment list to this page.


I should have taken photos but...we'll do this the hard way.

  1. Remove the clip and install it in reverse, with the clip sticking out into the air
  2. Make sure the clip is clamped tightly between the tailcap and the body, like a vise.
  3. Grip the free end of the clip, near the bend, and gently bend the clip further.
  4. Put some masking tape around the body so you don't scratch it
  5. Remove the clip and install in the normal direction and you are all set

Option: Ti Anodizie+ $5.00

I have recently switched over to anodizing my Ti clips. This process uses electricity instead of heat to develop the oxide layer. This oxide layer refracts light at different wave lenths and can present different colors, kind of like oil on water. I offer two versions: Prometheus Blue (above left) and Faded (above right). I do not offer other colors, or custom colors at this time.

More Information...

What used to be a sheet of solid titanium (below). Waterjet is really an amazing technology. For those of you that don't know, the machine literally uses a stream of water (laden with garnet abrasive) to cut the material. You know, like a waterpik that you clean your teeth with? Like that, but bigger. A large waterjet machine will cut up to 6 inches of solid steel (or granite) or anything else you put underneath it. That makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Clip Dimensions OD =.472" / ID= .368"
Clip Material Aerospace Certified 6Al/4V Titanium
Weight 0.05 Oz
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