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Flashlight Wrenches

The right tool for the job is the only tool for the job. These are 3D printed right here in the shop on our own printer. It's the right tool for the job. Meta...I know.

* Delta Wrenches = 2pcs
* Preon Wrench = 1pc

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          Flashlight Wrenches
          Flashlight Wrenches Flashlight Wrenches Flashlight Wrenches Flashlight Wrenches Flashlight Wrenches Flashlight Wrenches
          Product Overview

          We use these wrenches in the shop to build and repair our own lights. Now we are making them available to the public. I got the idea from @robinrenzetti on Instagram. He's a master of all things mechanical, and according to him, this style is called a "lens wrench" and I'll take his word for it. All I know is that they are magic! They aren't strictly necessary, but they will make your life a lot easier.

          Now in two different materails:

          The addition of our Formlabs Fuse1 SLS printer allows for detail and geometry that is not possible with FDM printers like the Markforged. Both styles are equally up to the task, it just depends on which one you think is cooler ;) The Markforged wrenches have an internal lattice structure (like most FDM printers) and the Fuse1 wrenches are solid and slightly heavier.

          • Markforged: FDM printed from "Onyx" Carbon Reinforced Nylon
          • Fuse1: SLS printed from Formlabs Nylon12
          Product Details


          These come in pairs and should work on any flashlight with a nominal 1" diameter. If you want to try a different angle optic, this is the best way to do it.

          These wrenches have tons of gripping power. The bezel only needs to be snug enough to close the gap and NOT unscrew when you remove the head. If you over tighten you may damage the threads. Make it snug, not tight!

          NOTE #1: Lights purchased before March 15, 2019 may need to be returned for modification if you want to change a medium or wide optic. We didn't realize these are .005" wider than the spot optic and fit very snugly. You may be able to wiggle the optic out using the tip of a box cutter or exacto knife and gently working your way around the perimeter. If you stuff it up, we have replacements :) You can also return your light and we can modify it for a perfect fit.


          These wrenches are compatible with the previous generation Preon P1/P2 lights (full textured bodies) and the current generation Preon P1/P2 MKIII lights...and maybe other lights with a 14.5mm diameter.

          Preon MKIII tailcaps can be hard to remove because of their two piece design. The primary cap holds the rubber button. The secondary cap holds the switch. You need to unscrew BOTH pieces if you want to remove the pocket clip in order to re-tension it.

          The Preon wrench has one flat side and one side with a bevel (chamfer). Use the flat side against the pocket clip to unscrew both units together. Use the beveled side to unscrew just the primary cap if you are replacing the rubber boot.

          NOTE #1: Unscrewing both caps together can be a little tricky. It will be much easier if you can twist the pocket clip in the same direction while you are unscrewing the cap.

          NOTE #2: Copper is a very soft material and over tightening the threads may make it all but impossible to separate later. Make it snug, not tight!

          NOTE #3: Pre-Production Preons have glued tailcaps...they were not supposed to be glued. This model can be identified because the lights have both the Prometheus and Foursevens logos. If you need to remove the tailcap you'll need to send it back to us :)

          • Markforged
            Markforged "Onyx" Carbon reinforced nylon
          • Fuse1
            Formlabs Nylon 12
          • where it's made
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