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Mini MKIII Tailcap Kit

This is a tailcap kit only...it does not include a flashlight.
This kit does not fit the Mini MKII(2) series...only the new MKIII(3)

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    Mini MKIII Tailcap Kit
    Mini MKIII Tailcap Kit Mini MKIII Tailcap Kit
    Product Overview

    Carry your Mini MKIII however you want! Choose between solid brass or black Delrin. I'm all about versatility and this kit delivers. Some people like magnets. Some don't. Some people pocket carry, some people keychain carry. As usual, I'm not here to tell you what to do. Options are better, and you can even change your mind.

    Product Details

    The MKIII is intended to be a pocket light, but I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm here to give you options.

    Every MKIII comes with a magnetic tailcap that is compatible with our 360 Headlamp Kit. However, we understand that not everyone wants a magnetic tailcap. We are here for you! Each kit comes with both a keychain attachment and a flat "dummy" insert (see product photos). Choose between solid brass or black Delrin thermoplastic.

    *These tailcap kits are machined in-house here in our California shop. *

    included with your purchase
    * Keychain attachment
    * Dummy insert
    * 20mm Stainless split ring
    * 3D Printed retaining ring tool
    1. Use the Retaining Ring Tool to unscrew the brass retaining ring that surrounds the magnet. The tool fits very tightly, so ensure the two prongs are fully seated before twisting the tool. If you are having a hard time getting the prongs seated, try engaging a different pair of holes.
    2. Remove magnet and store somewhere you'll remember it :)
    3. Keychain Attachment: simply install the keychain attachment, then the brass ring, and finally the split ring. Note: there is a think black rubber gasket between the magnet & retaining ring...don't loose this!
    4. Dummy insert: same as above.
    5. Make sure the retaining ring is tight! It doesn't have to be "gorilla tight" but it may come unscrewed if not tightened properly. Remember, it's like a nut and bolt...the nut won't stay on unless it's tight.
    6. Best practice is to regularly check the retaining ring for tightness!
    • Material
      Delrin or C360 Brass
    • Works with
      Current Generation Mini MKIII(3) lights
    • Where it's Made
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