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Fridge/Shop Magnets MASTER

Magnets that stick instead of suck: Impress your friends with how well you blend practicality and good taste.



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    Product Overview

    I made a bunch of these to use around the shop for holding part prints while machining stuff. Then I ended up taking some home for the fridge to replace all the garbage magnets littering the door. My wife even likes them because they work as good as they look! Now if she could just get me to take down the cardboard over my office windows. Another story for another time.

    We decided to make these in my trademark electroless nickel over aluminum and solid brass. Magnet force is about 4 lbs (1/4" neodymium N42 magnets) so you can't lift a truck, but they will sure hold up a few sheets of paper like a boss, your honey-do list, or photos of your kid. Really though, 4 lbs is plenty for normal duty and they attach with a satisfying thunk...like a BMW car door.

    Product Details

    Back before the internet, my friends used to call me on the phone (seriously) and ask for my recommendations on everything from climbing gear to flip phones. I'll always been a research nerd, willing to try everything, and apparently really picky. Discerning? Anyway, I don't put up with stuff that doesn't work well and look good at the same time. Though if I was forced to choose, I'd choose the former.

    These fridge magnets are one of many projects that started out as a way to solve my own problems. Don't believe me? Just come on over to the shop (or my house) and you'll see these things everywhere. They are kind of like AA & AAA batteries: you can't have too many. I put these up on the site one day (because I could) and we can't keep these things in stock. They aren't a high revenue item so they often get bumped from the machining schedule to make room for things like flashlights. Get 'em while you can, you won't regret it.

    • Magnets
      Neodymium N42 (0.20"x0.375") 4lbs
    • Materials
      Electroless Nickel over Aluminum (6061) or Solid Brass (C360)
    • where it's made
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