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Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition)

This Kappa Pocket Hook variant comes with a green tritium locator installed and is ready to help you find your keys in the dark.

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    Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition)
    Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition) Kappa Pocket Hook (Tritium Edition)
    Product Overview

    The Kappa Pocket Hook is compatible with all beta Beta QRv2 flashlights and Kappa Keychains. It's the next chapter in my ongoing quest for keychain supremacy and world dominance. It's also really awesome at holding your keys in a variety of different ways. You can mix and match virtually any combination. But does it open bottles? Heck no.

    Product Details

    What's the deal? This is the next step in our partnership with Glow Rhino! In order to be legal, the tritium capsule is installed by Glow Rhino and must display their brand name and their NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) license number. I can never find my keys in the dark, and it seemed like a natural fit to incorporate a tritium capsule into our awesome Kappa Pocket Hook.

    Tritium glows brightly in total darkness. The photos are long exposures to bring out the glow while still allowing you to see the product.

    The inspiration: dealing with a lot of keys...sucks: Form and function are equal partner, not competitors. I've had this project in mind for a couple of years. The original Kappa QR Keychain was born out of the frustration of managing my keys. It solved most of my issues with organization, but my last problem was the fact that I want to keep my keys handy after I've removed them from the rest of my keychain. I also love pocket hooks. Time to combine the two: enter the Kappa Pocket Hook.

    The Solution: have it your way... The Kappa Pocket Hook is designed to let you carry your keys however you want. When you leave you car you can pop off the Kappa Hook, your car keys, and combine the two. Walking the dog? Snap your house keys onto the hook and you are good to go. Front pocket, back pocket, outside the pocket...I'm not here to tell you what to do.

    How it's made...

    The Kappa Pocket Hook is machined from a solid bar of 360 brass and requires a disproportionate amount of work.

    1. First we make blanks on the Haas ST10-Y lathe
    2. Then we transfer them to the Haas VF2SS mill and machine all the cool bits on our 5C rotary indexer...one at a time...with a cycle time of 15 minutes each.
    3. Then they go back into the lathe to finish off the female section of the quick release that holds our proprietary canted coil spring.
    4. The male part of the QR is finished in two lathe operations and is the same as our standard Kappa QR Keychain.
    5. Next, all parts are finished in our vibratory tumbler and ultra-sonic cleaned.
    6. Finally, each Kappa Hook is laser engraved and then assembled.
    The tritium capsule is a self-powered light source that doesn’t require batteries or an outside charge to glow. Tritium is commonly used in watches, gun sights, exit signs, and a range of other applications that require visibility in low light. The glow allows you to find your essential items in dimly lit settings such as a glove compartment, a dark room, under a couch, or in a go-bag. Unlike most tritium EDC products on the market, the 4x8mm tritium vial is already installed in the hook. No need to source/install it yourself.
    Tritium is a radioactive gas that is produced during nuclear power generation. It has several industrial uses, but is commonly used to "power" glass vials coated on the inside with a glowing phosphor layer. The radioactivity bombards the phosphor and causes it to glow. Tritium has a half-life of 12 years, meaning after 12 years the glow will be 1/2 as bright. Wait, radioactive?! Yes, but the beta radiation is so weak that it can't pass through your skin, or even a sheet of paper. The glass vial is additionally armored by a polycarbonate case, the same material used in some bullet proof glass. If *somehow* the vial breaks, the amount of tritium gas inside is negligible. One reason Glow Rhino was awarded a license to install tritium in this device is because it meets engineering safety standards.
    included with your purchase
    * Kappa Pocket Hook
    * 1 each 25mm/20mm split rings
    • material
      C360 Brass
    • size
      0.5" x 3.25"
    • Weight
      2.0 Oz
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