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Logo Screw Color Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Alpha Pen with a color logo screw to match your ink color.

    Logo Screw Color Upgrade Kit
    Logo Screw Color Upgrade Kit Logo Screw Color Upgrade Kit
    Product Overview

    This kit is compatible with all Alpha pens. Color coordinate you clip screw with the ink color in your pen! Montblanc Fineliner inks come in blue and black. Rollerball is available in blue, black, and red. The screws are machined from 6061 aluminum with Type II anodize.

    Don't delay, we don't make very many of these!

    Product Details
    included with your purchase
    * Color Logo Screw
    * 5/32" allen key for the old screw
    * 3mm allen key for the new screw

    When you insert the Allen wrench into the cap, please note you'll have to turn the screw in what appears to be the opposite direction from normal.

    • The direction is actually correct, but you are inserting the wrench into the bottom of the screw instead of the top.
    • When looking down into the opening of the cap, turn the wrench "right" to loosen and "left" to tighten.
    • Make the screw snug, but do not overtighten.
    • material
      6061 Aluminum / Type II color anodize
    • where it's made
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