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MXS Centering Ring Warranty

Centering rings will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail ONLY, even if you select a different shipping method during checkout...so please select first class. It will make fulfilling your order easier.
MXS Centering Ring Warranty
MXS Centering Ring Warranty
Product Overview

The factory inadvertently used the "old" XHP centering ring on the "new" MXS with the Nichia 411A LED. We shipped a number of lights before we caught the mistake. The problem is characterized by a significant dark spot in the center of the beam.

If you have a 144A light with the incorrect centering ring, just order this item and we'll ship you one. You can also contact us at support@darksucks.com if you want to return your light and have us swap the ring, but it's really easy.

Changing the centering ring: unscrew the bezel at the front of the head and remove the reflector and glass window. Do not touch the interior surface of the reflector or it may be permanently damaged :) Just remove the old ring and install the new one.

Make sure the new ring is properly aligned before tightening the bezel.

Once you have swapped in the new ring, tighten the bezel firmly, but don't try and crush anything! There will be an additional 1mm gap between the bezel and the head after installation. This is normal and does not have any negative effect. The new ring is 1mm taller, and this change in distance eliminates the dark spot.

How to tell the difference between the XHP and 144A: The XHP has a yellow LED base and the 144A has a white LED base.

How to tell the difference between the old and new centering ring: The old centering ring has a square cutout that matches the shape of the LED and the new ring has a circular opening.

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