Patch Hats (360 Headlamp Compatible)


    Product Overview

    A hat, a patch hat, a headlamp hat...You get to decide and look good doing it! Haven't seen anything new in headlamps for a while? Yeah, me neither. This is the main reason I added Velcro to the back of the 360 Headlamp. This one is a hands-free game changer.

    Product Details

    **The 360 Headlamp was already and incredibly cool idea, but (I may be biased) this is next level. **

    I selected Flexfit hats...because they are my personal fave. They also fit a range of noggins and deliver outstanding quality/comfort.

    Our hats are customized with a special low-profile Velcro that is laser cut in-house and shipped to our hat vendor. It's matched specifically for the low profile hook on the back of the 360 Headlamp. We tried about 6 different types of Velcro and settled on this one because it gives a firm attachment without being too "pillowy" for the headlamp. Don't want that thing flopping around when you are sliding down a rooftop and jumping onto the skids of a helicopter right?

    The FlexFit trucker is also a mid-volume hat with a "structured" front panel. Mid volume means it doesn't sit tight to your skull, but also doesn't have so much internal volume that a stiff breeze will blow it off your head every time you turn around. The "structure" provides a firm attachment point for the 360 Headlamp or your favorite 2x3 patch.

    Genuine FlexfIt® Hats
    People have a love/hate thing with Flexfit. However, I love them...because they are better. Clean lines, a little extra grip in the wind, and all day comfort. They also have a soft mesh that doesn't cheese-grate your ears.
    Structured front panels
    Structured panels have a little bit of rigidity and make an ideal platform for mounting the 360 Headlamp or your favorite 2x3 morale patch. Also, I can't stand unstructured hats that look all floppy. Keep it crisp.
    Genuine Velcro® hook & loop
    Our vendor offers generic "velcro" but we purchase our own Velcro® from an authorized dealer, laser cut it in-house, and ship it out to the vendor for assembly. Why go to all the trouble? Because no detail is too small to escape my obsession with perfection. Our chosen model is a low-profile hook & loop that keeps the headlamp firmly secured. Standard hook & loop is too fluffy and makes the headlamp wobble all over the place.
    Front and rear patch attachment
    The front mount is a standard 2"x3" size to accommodate our own GITD logo patches, or your personal fave. The rear mount is 1"x1" for Ranger Eyes.
    • Fits hat sizes
      6 7/8 - 7 1/2
    • Brand
    • Style
      Mesh Trucker
    • Front Panels
    • Profile
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