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Pelikan Edelstein Ink

Cartridges for your Alpha Bamboo Fountain Pen: Award winning inks to suit your style

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    Pelikan Edelstein Ink
    Pelikan Edelstein Ink Pelikan Edelstein Ink
    Product Overview

    Each tin contains 6 cartridges

    This is the ONLY ink that will fit inside the body tube of your Alpha pen. Be sure to fully seat the cartridge into the back of the grip section. See the "videos" tab for a quick demonstration.

    The Edelstein series inks are created by the renowned German manufacturer Pelikan. They have been producing inks and fountain pens since 1838. Nothing sticks around that long unless it's world class. We have a variety of colors in stock to keep you writing in style.

    Would you like us to carry a different color? We can't carry everything, but we try to stock the most popular options. Let us know!

    "*The Edelstein Ink Collection comprises 15 brilliant colors with a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen.

    The german word Edelstein translates as gem stone, and each color corresponds to the beautiful coloring of a gem.*" --Pelikan

    Product Details

    Installing the cartridge

    1. The grip section fits tightly to the body of the cartridge to hold it in place during use, this is intentional.
    2. The cartridge must be "fully" inserted into the grip to funtion properly. Push firmly and you should hear a "snap" as the cartridge is punctured. The shoulder of the cartrige should slip into the grip about1/8".
    3. If the cartridge is not fully inserted, ink will not flow properly and the cartridge may fall out when removing the grip from the body and/or leak everywhere.

    • Cartridges Per Tin
      6 pcs
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