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Pocket Notebooks (3 Pack)

Pocket notebooks: Prometheus style. What good is a pen with no paper? Check out our custom notebooks that feature premium paper stock (100% recycled) and a "dot grid" pattern to keep you on track.
Burnt Orange
Pocket Notebooks (3 Pack)
Pocket Notebooks (3 Pack) Pocket Notebooks (3 Pack) Pocket Notebooks (3 Pack)
Product Overview

Price is for a 3 Pack!

I always carry a pen and notebook and decided if I have my own pens I should complete the set. As with everything, I tried quite a few different brands and settled on these (from Scout Books) because they were the best combination of size, feel, and paper weight. Perfect for the back pocket, a nice tooth to the paper, and thick enough so that most pens won't bleed through.

These books also feature a special "dot grid" that isn't as invasive as a normal grid but still provides some guide lines. See photos.

Product Details
  • Dimensions
    3.5"W x 5"H
  • # of Pages
    16 leaves, 32 sides
  • Paper Weight
  • Paper Origin
    100% Recycled
  • Where it's Made
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