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Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde

The Giantmouse Clyde: Danish design, American spirit! This Clyde is customized in our own shop and includes one of our Photon Lanyard Beads with GITD 550 Paracord.
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Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde
Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde Prometheus Edition: GiantMouse Clyde
Product Overview

"Meet Clyde...

More "folk" than "lore." More "urban" than "legend." More "goofus" than "gallant."

Maybe it's our fault that Clyde turned out the way he did. After all, we did name him after our favorite watering hole in Portland, “The Clyde Common”, located at the ACE Hotel in Pearl district. And we did create him as a mix of Scandinavia meets Japan and flirts with the Persians - no good lovechild could come from that….or could it? Well, we surely think so!

We think that Clyde is the perfect EDC knife, and, if you haven’t noticed yet, it has a ton of attitude that will set it apart!"

--Giantmouse Knives

Product Details

The Giantmouse Story:

The idea of GiantMouse was formed over drinks one evening during a US knife show in 2015. Danish designer / knifemakers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes (Vox), along with their American entrepreneur friend Jim Wirth, decided that they could build a better mousetrap, so to speak. A knife brand that can provide amazing knife designs, with the highest possible production quality, at a fair price, while remaining closely involved with its community of customers.

Prometheus Edition Clyde:

Over the years I've had the privilege of getting to know Jim, Jens, and Jesper. We cross paths at knife shows and we've hung out at the shop a number of times when they were in town. Recently we had a little sit-down to discuss options for working together. The Prometheus Edition Clyde is one of the fruits of that labor.

I bought 50 brass Clyde's from GiantMouse (with my own pizza money) and with the plan to add a little Prometheus flavor to them, right here in the shop. That's as far as the plan goes. It's a canvas for me to play around with and I hope you like the results!

What I did to Clyde:

  1. Laser Engraving: The knife is fully disassembled and each scale is lasered separately with an Elephant Skin pattern created by Joe Wu of Scout Leather Co. Two final engraving passes darken the low areas of the engraving to enhance contrast. The Prometheus logo is also etched along side the GM markings on the blade. Also take special note of the blank area beneath the clip so the texture won't destroy your pockets. I take the same approach on all flashlights I design. Your tools shouldn't ruin your other gear.
  2. Magnetic Finishing: both scales and the two bronze washers are finished in my shop-built magnetic finishing machine. Tiny stainless steel pins peen the surface to break down sharp edges and polish flat surfaces. This allows the scales to retain a little "tooth" from the laser process that improves grip. I also felt that a little texture was an essential part of keeping aligned with the Elephant Skin motif.
  3. Nano Oil: All parts are cleaned and oiled before final assembly and the pivot is tensioned to a precise 32.5 in-Oz with a dedicated torque wrench to provide an appropriate and consistent opening force.
  4. Dress up: Each knife comes with a Prometheus Photon lanyard bead ($45 retail) tied on with a length of Glow in the Dark 550 Paracord with a retro-reflective tracer. Drop your knife in the grass? Look for the reflection with a flashlight or just keep an eye out for the green glow. You do own a flashlight don't you?
Bronze Washers
Not a knife snob's first choice, but it's mine. Bronze bushings provide a higher opening force than bearings, but the Clyde's action is crisp and the geometry is spot on. Frankly, I don't like knives that close themselves. I guess I like to be in charge.
It's simple
Simple means reliable and durable, my two favorite words. Simple also means it's exceedingly well though out. You can't make something that's both simple and great without doing it right.
It's funky
I'll admit, I like things that are not exactly like everything else and Clyde is one of those guys. The sharp angles of the handle juxtaposed against the sweeping blade is dramatic...but it works. Successfully using contrast as a design element is much harder than consistency.
Sufficiently easy to sharpen
I have a huge pet peeve about knives with blade shapes that are hard to sharpen. I don't buy a tool unless I'm going to use it, and sharpening a knife is beyond essential.
The perfect size for EDC
With a blade coming in right at 3" it's enough knife to do most jobs and won't have people staring at you sideways if you need to use it in public.
That wire clip
I'm a sucker for good engineering and the clip is, in a word, genius. My capacity for praise tops out at genius so that's all I've got.
included with your purchase
* Customized Clyde with brass scales
* Aluminum-bronze Photon lanyard bead w/ GITD 550 Cord
* 1cc bottle of Nano-oil
* Good vibes
  • Blade Steel
    M390 Satin Finish
  • Handle
  • Liner
    AISI 420 Hardened - Bead Blasted
  • Pivot
    Bronze Washers
  • Locking Mechanism
    Liner Lock
  • Blade Length
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    4.2 oz
  • where it's made
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