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Quark Tailstand Cap

This is a replacement Tailstand Cap for Quark flashlights. All current Quarks ship with a Tailstand Cap included. It's also compatible with any Quark ever made (except for the Quark Smart). It allows you to tailstand a Quark with the forward clicky ("Tactical") switch installed.
Quark Tailstand Cap
Quark Tailstand Cap Quark Tailstand Cap Quark Tailstand Cap
Product Overview

Tailstand any Quark with the forward (tactical) clicky switch! (excluding the Quark Smart)

The Tailstand Cap is designed to be backwards compatible with all Quarks ever made.

Most people prefer a "forward" clicky switch that supports momentary activation. However, the "tactical" forward clicky switch sits proud and you can't tailstnd the light. If you did want to tailstand, you had to swap in a new switch and boot...the problem being the short switch is a "reverse" clicky and you can't use momentary mode. Problem solved!

Product Details

I just realized this might be the one situation in life where you can really have everything and not make any compromizes.

This is one of my favorite Quark features because the Quark is the only light that lets you easily convert from a proud tailcap button to a flush button. Foursevens used to ship two different switches and two different boots to accomplish this. It worked, but was a hassle for both you and me.

Oh and did I mention the flush switch was a "reverse" clicky and the proud switch was a "forward" clicky? This is bad for two reasons. First, all lights should have "forward" clicky switches that support momentary activation. Second, if you swap the switch then you have to re-learn how to use the light. No thanks.

So I designed a solution that took advantage of existing slots in the quark tailcap...the existing slots in every Quark ever made. I don't know what those slots were for, but David left the solution sitting in my lap. I'm just glad I noticed the opportunity.

A tailstand cap is already included with every Quark, but you can purchase these seprately if you want to have spares or convert and older Quark with a proud (tactical) switch.

Installation: simply align the tabs on the cap with the slots in the tail and snap in place.

Removal: Use a flat blade screwdriver (or even the tip of the pocket clip) and insert into the slot. Push in (with a gentle rocking motion) to release the locking tab.

Please see the video at the top of this page for a quick demo :)

  • Material
    Injection molded Delrin thermoplastic
  • works with
    All Quark flashlights with two slots in the tailcap
  • where it's made
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