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Stor-A-Cell Carrier (18650)

Stor-a-Cell carriers were originally designed for pilots to keep their batteries organized, safe from short circuits, and easy to find. You might not be a pilot, but who can't use a little more easy in their life?

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    Stor-A-Cell Carrier (18650)
    Stor-A-Cell Carrier (18650)
    Product Overview

    Intelligent battery storage and dispensing: It's never a bad time to get organized and Stor-a-Cell carriers do just that. I know what your junk/battery drawer looks like, because mine used to look the same way. These are also outstanding for transporting batteries while traveling.

    Product Details

    Originally designed and developed for pilots...

    ...so it will work for you! The first material was the "Moon Shine" glow in the dark to aid pilots trying to locate spare batteries in dark cockpits.

    Charged or not?

    When the battery is dead you just stick it in upside down so it's easy to tell if your battery is fresh or depleted.

    Made in the USA

    These hanly little carriers are manufactured in St. Charles, Illinois by Foreman Tool & Mold.

    Organize your junk drawer

    I know where you keep your batteries. In the junk drawer. With the junk. I also know that every time you need a battery you waste a bunch of time digging around in that very drawer. Say "no more!" These also work perfectly with rechargeable batteries.

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