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Alpha/Delta Switch Tool

This tool is perfect for removing and installing the McClicky switch and retaining ring in your Alpha or Delta light. You can do it by hand, but a little mechanical advantage goes a long way in making the process easier and faster. The switch must be installed "snug" to make electrical contact.
Alpha/Delta Switch Tool
Alpha/Delta Switch Tool Alpha/Delta Switch Tool Alpha/Delta Switch Tool
Product Overview

The right tool for the job:

This tool is 3D printed in-house on our Formlabs Fuse1 SLS printer. Please note, the switch only needs to be "snug" and not gorilla-tights. This tool is made out of plastic, so if you go crazy you can snap off the small tabs. Please don't do that :)

The points of the tool engage the slots in the retaining ring (and switch) like a spanner wrench. Nifty right?

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