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Task Master Stand

No steel surface? No problem!

The Task Master Stand provides limited stability on its own, but you still have to watch out for balance. For ultimate security, use the 3 holes in the stand to screw it down to any horizontal or vertical surface. Yes, I said vertical.

Printed in-house on our Formlabs Fuse1 SLS 3D printer from strong Nylon 12 material.
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Task Master Stand
Task Master Stand Task Master Stand Task Master Stand Task Master Stand
Product Overview

The Task Master stand has 6 small tabs on the inside of the ring. The light is simply "pressed" down from the top and the tabs provide enough force to hold the light securely in a horizontal or even vertical (wall mounted) position.

It also features 3 holes designed to accept standard wood screws (#10 size with 82 degree heads) so you can securely mount a Task Master to any surface...as long as you can (and want to) drill some holes in it. Hey, I'm not a magician.

Product Details

A bunch of people emailed to let me know they'd love a Task Master but don't have a steel surface for attaching the light. Sorry it took so long, but I finally delivered. I entertained making steel plates to serve as a base plate, but then we'd need to surface finish and coat them...really expensive for a simple thing. It would also be really heavy and cost a lot to ship.

I considered machining bases, but that would be even more expensive. I finally realized I could 3D print them! The parts are light, strong, and take any shape that I can model. I know it looks simple, but I spent a couple of months fine tuning and making at least a dozen prototypes to get the fit just right. I think you'll be pleased.

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