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USB-A Wall Adapter (2.1A)

Where does power come from? The wall of course...This 2.1A adapter helps you get the power out of there. It's compatible with every USB light/charger we well. 120V-240V (US plug)
USB-A Wall Adapter (2.1A)
USB-A Wall Adapter (2.1A) USB-A Wall Adapter (2.1A)
Product Overview

This is a premium 2.1A USB-A wall adapter from our friends at Xtar. We've been selling their products for 10 years, and they are robust and reliable. We could offer you some budget, no-name, off the shelf adapter...but you know that's not how we do things.

This adapter works with any charging product we sell. You can power any USB device with any USB adapter, but standard (older) USB ports/adapters only deliver 0.5A of current. Most modern adapters (like this one) can deliver up to 2.1A.

Product Details
  • voltage
    Voltage: 120V-240V (US plug)
  • output
    5V @ 2.1A (USB-A)
  • where it's made
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