Limited Lifetime Warranty

> Alkaline Battery Warning

  1. Alkaline battery damage is the #1 cause of failed lights. Alkaline battery damage IS NOT covered under warranty.
  2. Alkaline batteries will power our AA and AAA lights, but we strongly discourage their use. Alkaline batteries leak and/or produce corrosive gas during use. This will destroy your flashlight, guaranteed.

> Foursevens Warranty (Legacy)

Prometheus Lights Warranty on Foursevens Flashlights

Please see the Product Roadmap to get a general overview of new product roll-out and which lights are available for warranty service.

What’s going on anyway?!
  • As most of you know, Prometheus Lights has acquired the Foursevens brand and a portion of their assets.
  • I’ve built the Prometheus brand on ethics, transparency, and hard work. Some people are always going to see an evil motive in an acquisition story like this. Take the time to get to know Prometheus and you won't be one of those people. [link to Our Story]
  • Foursevens was a very small company. Prometheus is a very small company. A handful of employees in both cases. This is not written by a PR department nor a room full of executives trying to figure out how to maximize profits at the expense of our customers. Please keep that in mind as you consider the following.
What did Prometheus acquire?
  • The asset acquisition gives Prometheus Lights the right to use the Foursevens trademarks, flashlight designs, technology, social media accounts, and customer email list. That’s pretty much it.
  • This means the company Foursevens no longer exists as a legal entity, but the brand name does. That brand is now owned and operated by Prometheus Lights.
What did Prometheus NOT acquire?
  • We have NOT acquired the “company” Foursevens LLC.
  • In short, this means we did not acquire the debt, equity, cash accounts, or legal obligations of Foursevens LLC.
  • While Prometheus does not carry the burden of any debt or legal obligations, we also do not gain any benefit from equity or cash accounts, which would be required to service those debts and obligations…like warranties.
Does Prometheus have any obligation to maintain the Foursevens warranty?
  • Technically, Prometheus retains no obligation for any debts or warranties previously held or expressed by Foursevens LLC., because Prometheus owns the brand, not the company.
  • Obviously, customers want ALL warranties to be honored. Most of the time I (Jason Hui) am a customer myself and own plenty of products with various warranties. I get it. I understand both sides of the equation. This document is long because I want to give you the opportunity to do the same.
  • Don’t freak out yet, keep reading.
What is Prometheus going to do?
  • First, let’s just acknowledge that anything less than honoring 100% of warranties on their original terms, no questions asked, is going to make some people upset.
  • Though we have no obligation to do so, we will be offering three potential resolutions for ALL previous Foursevens customers regarding warranty issues.
  • Please note, the terms offered are essentially experimental. If it becomes clear that this policy results in a total disaster, Prometheus reserves the right to alter these terms without prior notice.
What are the new warranty terms and resolution options?
  • Any light purchased after January 1, 2017 will be covered under the original Foursevens warranty terms, if the flashlight is one Prometheus continues to manufacture, and you can provide proof of purchase.
  • In all cases, if we do not continue to manufacture the light, we have no physical way to repair or replace the parts (or the entirety of) those lights…because those parts/lights don’t exist.
    • Resolution 1: we’ll repair/replace your light for free. If the above conditions cannot be met, you can opt for resolution 3 below.
  • If your light was purchased before January 1, 2017, the chart below will help you better understand which resolution below applies to your Foursevens light.
    • Resolution 2: you’ll be charged a small fee + shipping to repair and return your light, which will establish a new warranty with Prometheus Lights. 
    • Resolution 3: you’ll be granted a discount code for 40% off anything Prometheus sells that is eligible for discounts. For example, custom lights are excluded. If a product is excluded from discounts this is indicated on the product page below the pricing information. These codes do not expire, and can only be used once. If your light is unrepairable and you choose to receive a discount code, your light will not be returned to you. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that we return defective lights to the manufacturer for analysis. 
    • If any Foursevens lights share components (like tail switches) we will offer those as repair parts for a compatible light of any age, when/if they become available.
    • Email Support: In all cases, for all lights, you can email and we’ll do our best to help you troubleshoot any issues with your light.
      • Many times we can fix the problem with advice or a little DIY on your end.
      • Prometheus has hired TJ (a previous Foursevens employee) to continue his roll handling email support issues. He knows the products better than anyone!
    • For detailed information on returns, see the support/returns section on the website. In short, you’ll need to contact us before you return the light. 
    Why is Prometheus choosing this route?
    • Prometheus is a small company, and we simply don’t have the resources (material or financial) to fully support warranties on 10 years of Foursevens products. If we were strictly a profit driven company (of any size) we’d just tell everyone tough luck and move on.
    • I spoke with several business advisors over the months I considered the acquisition, and the number one concern was Prometheus going bankrupt trying to service Foursevens warranties.
    • A small percentage of every sale (on any product) goes toward paying for future warranty claims…a form of insurance for a company. Prometheus did not make any of those sales, nor do we own the Foursevens bank account, and so our pot of money dedicated to servicing those warranties contains exactly zero dollars.
    • To repair or replace any Foursevens light (at no cost to the customer) means those dollars come out of the business. We aren’t a giant corporation with millions of dollars in our rainy day fund. If servicing all warranties means Prometheus goes out of business then nobody wins.
    • Servicing warranties takes actual cash to buy the parts, but it also takes someone’s time to make the repairs and get the unit back in the mail. That is time that cannot be spent on activities that create revenue…so it is really a double loss.
    Warranty on Foursevens products purchased from Prometheus.
    • The existing warranty policy from the Prometheus site reads: “I personally warrant my products to be free from (gross) defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product (regardless of the owner) or the lifetime of the company...whichever comes first. Hey, I'm just being practical.”
    • See, no tricks. Just plain English and an abundance of transparency. This policy will apply to future Foursevens lights sold by Prometheus.
    • Finally, I’m sorry for any inconvenience or other hardship people experience as part of the transition. Unfortunately, it is something that happens in these situations and some people are going to get the short end of the stick. I’m trying to minimize the short sticks and also ensure that the company can stay healthy and continue to put quality products into the world. We all know it's impossible to make everyone happy, but I do hope this makes most of you happy, or at least understanding.

    Please see the Product Roadmap to get a general overview of new product roll-out and which lights are available for warranty service.

    The chart below will help you better understand which resolution below applies to your Foursevens light.

        > Warranty Resolution

        1. Please contact us by email before you return any items.  In many cases we can help you troubleshoot and and resolve problems without returning an item. (
        2. Warranty options in order of preference include: repair, component replacement, complete replacement. I will choose the best option, at my discretion. I'm a fair guy so you should expect a fair deal. For example, if there is a problem in the tailcap I will not replace the entire light, I'll fix the tailcap.  
        3. In all cases you must pay for shipping the light (or other item) back to me, and I will pay to have it shipped back to you. I call this my "Even-Steven Return Policy." I know it's not typical, but I think it's fair. Please keep in mind I'm a customer as well :)
        4. If your item is delivered Dead on Arrival (DoA), please email me and we'll work out an arrangement on a case-by-case basis.

        > Materials & Workmanship

        1. I personally warrant my products to be free from (gross) defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product (regardless of the owner) or the lifetime of the company, whichever comes first.  
        2. This includes failure of the LED module. The LED is not covered if the light has been otherwise severely damaged, but it can be replaced for the cost of components, labor, and shipping. 
        3. I do not attempt to deliver cosmetically perfect products. Minor cosmetic defects in the surface and/or finish should be expected and are not covered by warranty. Nicks, dings, and scratches are common. Everything I make goes through dozens of handling steps. Materials like aluminum, brass, and copper are very soft. My shop is full of machinery and tools that are made of hardened steel. Add gravity to the equation and you can see the potential for small defects.
        4. I do not attempt to remove "machining marks" from my products, so you should expect to see evidence of the machining process. Customers often comment that an absence of visible machining marks is the "mark" of a high quality product. This is absolutely false. Typically surface finishing is a means to hide mistakes and poor quality. If you are a machinist, these tool marks tell a story about the skill of the machinist and the care/precision the parts were made with.

        > Batteries, chargers, & stand-alone electronics

        1. Batteries, chargers, and other electronics are covered for a period of 1 year after purchase. This applies only to random "failure" and not failure because of physical "damage." I reserve the right to differentiate between failure and damage. 
        2. Batteries purchased from us will not be covered if the safety circuitry has been tripped as a result of over-charging or over-discharging. We can tell. Please recharge all batteries early and often to maintain optimal battery health. 

        > LED Lightbulbs

        1. All LED bulbs are covered by a 3 year warranty.

        > "Wear" Items

        1. Wear items like o-rings, front glass windows, and switch boots are not covered under warranty. However, if you send the light back I'm happy to service the light for the cost of components and shipping. 
        2. Flashlight switches are a wear item, but they also carry a 12 month warranty. They do wear out over time, but they should not fail prematurely. 
        3. Beta/Kappa QR canted coil springs are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase. New springs can be user-replaced and ordered on the Tools & Maintenance page. Please follow the installation instructions carefully! 

        > Neglect, abuse, misuse

        1. Threads and o-rings must be kept lubricated and clean to prevent damage to the light. I highly recommend you purchase the "maintenance kit" because ALL equipment requires preventative maintenance. It's like changing the oil in your don't have to do it, but it will keep it from breaking down. 
        2. O-rings that become torn from lack of lubrication are not covered under warranty, as this would fall under "neglect." 
        3. Abuse and misuse of our products is not covered under warranty, and a fee may be applicable if repair is possible. 

        > Upgrades & Modifications

        1. Prometheus Lights does not provide modification services, or upgrades beyond the Icarus driver upgrade or LED swaps for Alpha/Delta flashlights. If you need someone to work on your light you should check out Candlepower Forums which is full of information and people who do custom work. 
        2. Voluntary LED swaps are a flat fee of $75 and covers all materials, labor, cleaning, maintenance, and return shipping via Priority Mail in the Continental US. International customers must pay return shipping. Signature Confirmation is mandatory. An LED swap essentially requires disassembling the entire flashlight. You may choose from any of the standard LEDs we offer. 

        > Catastrophic Damage

        1. It happens. If your light suffers catastrophic damage, I'm happy to repair it for the cost of components, labor, and shipping. Contact me for an estimate. Of course it's possible that "catastrophic damage" means the light is unrepairable.

        > The "don't be a jerk" clause

        I'm just a guy and I do the best work I can. If you have a problem with one of my products and you are nice about it, I'll go out of my way to exceed your expectations. If you have a problem and you are a jerk about it...well, you can probably see where I'm going right?

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